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  1. Hello!
    My name is Øyvind Lurås and I come from Tinn/Telemark.
    It’s kind of a funny story but the airline “Norwegian” want to paint one of Norway’s heroes on the tailpart of their aeroplanes.
    It would be great if Snowshoe could be that hero. Especially since he is more known in the US than Norway. That’s a shame.
    There is an election in a Norwegian paper and finally Snowshoe’s name came up. If we could get a LOT of votes from Nevada and USA in general it would carry this unknown hero (in Norway) up where he belongs. Both in people’s mind and in the air.
    What I am asking for is a simple vote for Snowshoe and for you to spread the word.
    The Link is:
    and to vote for Snowshoe click on the first circle beginning with “STEM” and search (søk) for Snowshoe Thompson. Then click on the heart besides the name to vote.
    I don’t know about you, but I think it would be a great way to celebrate this incredible hero… 🙂
    Many thanks in advance!
    And thanks for this wonderful tribute site!

    Øyvind Lurås

  2. Hi,
    Can you tell me if the group that is doing the presentation this Friday “An Historic Evening in Genoa” does presentations for other organizations? I am on the Bard of Plumas Eureka State Park Association in Johnsville, CA and we are looking for someone to do a historical presentation for our annual “Dinner in the Park” which is usually held in July or August. Please let me know.
    Thanks, Lyn

  3. I note today that the Postal Service ignored its own advisory committee to develop a series of postal stamps honoring — get this — Harry Potter and his British friends! As a former Nevadan (reporter for the R-J during the early 80s), I am familiar with Snowshoe Thompson.

    I’ve read a book about him and learned that he’s never been honored by the U.S. Postal Service. This is an outrage! But even worse, the new Potter series of stamps make it an insult! We must do something about this.

    As a start, I emailed Sen. Reid, whom I know well (I knew him since his days at the Gaming Commission). As Nevadans, we must band together to get the Postal Service to amend its bad decision by issuing a stamp to honor a great man who delivered the mail over the Sierra Nevadas without compensation, because he loved it.

    I would be glad to participate in any effort to put Snowshoe Thompson’s image on an American stamp.

  4. I want to make contact with your in-house historian on an historical matter related to Snowshoe Thompson. My information is that the initial diskcovery and rescue of Mr. Sisson, who ultimately had his legs amputated in Genoa through the efforts of Snowshoe Thompson, took place in Upper Lake Valley at the cabin owned by Asa Hawley, who had built the Hawley Grade Trail in 1857. Hawley did not use his cabin in the winter, spending those months in Coloma, but lived in the cabin during the summer months to attend to his trading post near the Upper Truckee River adjacent to Johnson’s Cutoff near what is now Meyers. I need your historian to verify the information that it was at Hawley’s cabin in Upper Lake Valley that Johnson’s saving the life of Mr. Sisson began.

  5. Hi,
    I was referred to the story of Snowshoe Thompson via an article in stamp magazine published in February 1940 (yep, 75 years ago!). The article states that a petition was made to the US Postal Authority to have a postage stamp printed in his honour. Would you know if this ever took place and if so what year?

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